Our bells were by made by world-renowned bell foundry Malmark, in America, and consist of a chromatic two-octave set running from G4 to G6. In 2007, we invested in the G#6 and A6 bells, and in 2009, the B6 and C6 bells, (which are quite small), taking the top octave of the bells a little further.

The bells are made of bronze and polished to a jeweller's finish. They are not lacquered as this would diminish the musical quality of the bells. When ringing, gloves are worn to protect the bells from acids and salts from the skin causing stains and tarnishing.

Ringing Technique

There are techniques that can produce different sound effects such as "thumb damping", where the ringer's thumb is placed on the bell's surface causing the sound to be cut short (very similar to a violinist plucking a string i.e. pizzicato). We also use special mallets sometimes to tap the bells, which again creates a different sound.

The music we use is a number-based system, where each bell has an allocated number and a grid system on paper represents the bars of music.

Bell ringing is simple, great fun and doesn't need a musical knowledge to get started.